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About Us

Pacific West Business Properties is an established leader in developing and marketing industrial and commercial buildings specifically designed to meet changing tenant needs.

We have earned a reputation through tireless dedication, as an experienced and resourceful industrial sales, leasing and development organization. Our unique approach ensures that each project is keyed to adapt to changes in the market and to take full advantage of those conditions as they occur.

Our proven success in a variety of projects demonstrates our ability to position the right project in the right location – a critical factor in any real estate or investment enterprise.

Pacific West specializes in the marketing of industrial and investment properties in Glendale, Los Angeles, Burbank and the San Fernando Valley. Services include leasing, sales and acquisitions.

Our focused marketing program locates tenants or purchasers who are suited to each particular property. We expose each property to the largest number of potential clients through a combination of direct mail, direct solicitation of prospects, advertising, and numerous professional associations.

A significant share of our work is performed for investors who place great value on our reputation as a solid, established company with a proven success record. They know the Pacific West staff comprises an experienced, reliable team of seasoned experts in the industrial property field.

An investor’s central concern is minimizing the period of vacancy before a building generates income. Thus, the critical factor becomes one of marketing. The problem is that very few industrial development companies actively market the properties they develop.

Pacific West is a notable exception. We selectively apply a variety of marketing techniques to our projects, tailoring them to the individual needs of each property, thus reducing exposure and risk.